is a Helsinki based saxophone ensemble that was established in 2017. The members of this international ensemble have studied music all over the world: in Japan, The Netherlands, Spain, France and Finland. The aim of Saxtronauts is to bring out the versatile possibilities of saxophone music to all kinds of audiences in an unprejudiced manner.

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Baltic Sea Saxophone Quartet

is a unique ensemble consisting of four exceptional saxophonists from four neighbouring countries on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The musicians crossed paths while studying abroad, participating in competitions and masterclasses. BSSQ presents varied and original programme to the audiences and include works of Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Finnish composers to their performances. During their tours BSSQ organizes workshops for saxophone students of all age sharing knowledge and creating friendships across the borders.

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The Shit Ensemble (extended) 2014-2015

The Shit Ensemble

is an electroacoustic ensemble of Sasu Schildt. Sasu produces electronic music adding acoustic instruments to create his distinctive sound blend. The Shit Ensemble performs live infrequently in a periodic fashion with a changing group of musicians.

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is a new music initiative that began in 2017 in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. The group’s creative specialities are live electronics, musicality of movement, improvisation and contemporary music performance. These are KOÄX’ areas of expertise, to which an interest in text, movement and staging can be added. Combining these elements KOÄX co-creates music spectacles to connect with their audiences in unconventional ways.

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is a group of musicians/creators/composers that co-creates and performs music theatre productions.  The group was formed in Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2015 where the members did their master studies and specialised in Creative Performance. Their performances have been seen in Amsterdam on the main stage of Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Splendor, Amsterdam BlueNote and Theaterzaal of CvA.

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Barmy FiveseveN

is a 13 members crew that covers the British prunk band Cardiacs’ music. The band is under the leadership of Jos Zwaanenburg whose excitement about the complexity in the rhythmic structures of Cardiac’s music got him in contact with the composer, Tim Smith, himself. Barmy FiveseveN performs this complexed, beautiful and anarchistic music with a lot of explosive energy.





Helsinki Saxophone Orchestra

is an ensemble that performs symphonic concert music arranged for saxophone orchestra. The diverse sound qualities are created by different sized saxophones: soprillo, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass, contrabass and tubax (sub-contrabass) saxophones, accompanied with percussion instruments. The members consist of professional classical saxophonists of southern Finland.



Former Ensembles


Illicium saxophone quartet 2014-2016

Illicium Saxophone Quartet 2014-2016



Tone Art Quartet 2011-2015

Tone Art Quartet 2011-2015



ArtezHKU saxophone orchestra 2011-2015

Artez/HKU Saxophone Orchestra 2011-2015 (dirercted by Johan van der Linden)




Yökyöpelit 2009-2010 (music theatre for children)



Con Sax Quartet 2006-2009

Con Sax Quartet 2006-2009